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Our Story

Al Mushrif was established in 1982 as the first manufacturing company for creating bound customized wedding cards. Ahmed Abbas followed his grandfather and father’s footsteps in binding and invested in the United Arab Emirates.

He grew the company after a year and collaborated with his family to form a strong and solid team that works together as one and under the name of Al Mushrif Art Binding L.L.C.

As a family business, we consider all our clients as one of our own. We are specialized in binding and crafting handmade customized items such as books, boxes, packages, shopping bags, leather items, and much more.

At Al Mushrif, we firmly believe that creativity is the way to success. By developing and expanding our professional team toward digital services, we not only achieve our goal of ensuring our customers’ satisfaction, but we also incorporate the latest technologies to provide the best quality service. 

Our mission is to ensure we deliver the best products to our customers with unique and personalized designs. Therefore, we aim to always think out of the box in any circumstance and bring our all to guarantee our place as the best in the business.

In light of keeping our grandparent’s memory alive and integrating the modernization of the U.A.E, we aim to keep our products succeeding through tradition and in tune with modern generations.

Our hard work, expertise, uniqueness and modernity ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations while offering remarkable prices. We have many successful stories that not only portray our dedication but also show our care, adaptability and professionalism.

al mushrif
Craftsmanship Redefined
We have mastered the art of creating exceptional products and services that reflect true craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Personalized Solutions
At Al Mushrif, we believe in understanding your unique requirements, tailoring our services to match your specific needs.
Commitment to Excellence
Our team of skilled artisans and professionals are dedicated to delivering top-notch quality in all our endeavors.
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring a delightful experience with every interaction.